LOLaCreationist #4

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We received a few more entries of late, and here they are!

Manuel B. from New Jersey sent this Andrew Sclafly on the wall!


Palaverer from Parts Unknown delivered this one by airmail.

This one by Palaverer just washed ashore of its own accord

Palaverer did have a few hold ups along the way.

This one arrived through an unbelievably complex route.

Fortunately for Palaverer, this one didn't fall overboard on the way to the Thinking Shop

From Dayton Ohio, we received this heavenly scene!


Also from Dayton is this cool cat.
Dorothy D. from Phoenix was just hangin’ around so she entered the contest
No idea what the heck this thing is, but Dorothy thinks it’s made of ham.

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For the third round, go HERE.

For the rules and so forth, go HERE.


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One Response to “LOLaCreationist #4”

  1. mork Says:

    That little and cute critter from the last picture is an axolotl:

    I never tasted axolotl ham though…

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