Metacriticism of Biblical Scholarship Consultation Needs Consultants!

It’s crunch time for the 2013 Baltimore (Nov. 23-26)  Baltimore  AAR/SBL Call for Papers!  I’m on two steering committees, the Israelite Prophetic Literature section, and the Metacriticism of Biblical Scholarship Consultation. the IPL has a number of proposals already in, but the MBS one is lagging behind a little. Maybe a good number will come in in the final few days but the new session is not that well known, so I thought I would plug it again.

Metacriticism of Biblical Scholarship Consultation   evaluates suppositions in and underlying biblical scholarship, including how an explicitly non-religious approach differs from what is even now represented as historical-critical scholarship, especially when compared to other secular disciplines within the Humanities (history, classical studies) and the Social Sciences (e.g., anthropology, sociology). At the Baltimore Annual Meeting, we plan three sessions: (1) one assessing how scholarship has addressed biblical passages urging mass violence toward targeted groups, including scholars’ use or avoidance of the term ‘genocide,’ jointly sponsored with the Use, Influence, and Impact of the Bible Unit; (2) a session on academic freedom in biblical studies, across all types of institutions; and (3) an open session, for which we welcome proposals on any subject within our Consultation’s purview.

So, if you need a home for a paper on biblical violence, academic freedom and job security, or would like to offer reasoned complaints about the state of biblical scholarship, we are your Consultation!

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  1. James F. McGrath Says:

    Could the Meta-Criticism section co-sponsor a session with the Blogging section? It seems as though recent events cause the interests of the two to converge on the matter of academic freedom.

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