Dr. Jim speaking in Calgary this Friday: And the Lord Human made Huey, Dewey, Louie, Wall-E, and Eve. The Deification of Humanity in Silent Running and Wall-E



Please come…. please…

The paper was originally intended for an SBL session in 2012 (Chicago), but I had to back down after another new section was approved for two sessions instead of the expected one, so I ended up over-committed. Anne Moore, my good friend from the University of Calgary was on the Bible and Film committee, so felt a little betrayed, so I will be making good my treachery! I don’t know where ST 130 is on the U of C campus, but I suspect I will get there, sooner or later!  I think I will start with a nice Midrash on Genesis.


Also, a BIG apology to Douglas Trumbull, director of Silent Running for misspelling his name on my abstract. The error is mine, not the person who made the poster at the U of C!


I will be reprising the paper (probably a somewhat longer version) in Lethbridge in a few weeks.

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