8:50:                    OPENING COMMENTS

Session 1          RELIGION AND OTHER EXERTIONS: (aka no pain, no gain).               

9:00-9:30             From the Ancient to the Modern: Examining the Relationship Between Athletics and Religion through Time
Taylor Grant, University of Calgary

9:30-10:00           Westernization of Yoga: The West’s Devotion to Lycra and the Mat
Keightley Bertram, University of Calgary,

10:00-10:30         S&M and a goddess?
Lilian Marshall, University of Manitoba


                            15 Minute Break


Session 2A        ARCHAEOLOGY                                                               

10:45-11:15         Exotic to Local: Exploitations of Raw Copper Material Resources in the Near East from the Bronze to the Iron Age
Elsa M. Perry, The University of Lethbridge

11:15-11:45         Hydrological Wonders of the Iron Age II period: Judah and Israel
Ariel Pollard-Belsheim, University of Lethbridge

11:45-12:15         Fighting Words: The Attempt to Authenticate the James Ossuary Inscription
Laura Shuttleworth, University of Lethbridge


Session 2 B       THE NAZI BOOT                            

10:45-11:15         “Broken-in Horse” or “Fiery Stallion”: Christian Fundamentalism and Resistance in Nazi Germany
James Forbes, University of Lethbridge

11:15-11:45         Legalized Mass Murder: German Racial Hygiene, Anti-Semitism, and Eugenics
Krista Conrad, University of Lethbridge

11:45-12:15         Defying Dehumanization: Anticipating the 614th Commandment amidst Nazi Terror
Jenae Dunlop, University of Lethbridge


Session 2 C       RELIGIOUS CHANGE AND RETENSION                

10:45-11:15         Ecstatic Power: Examining the Rise of Pentecostalism through the Lens of Durkheim, Marx and Weber
Ron MacTavish, U of Lethbridge

11:15-11:45         Mu shu kyo for Young Japanese People
Marina Umeno, University of Lethbridge

11:45-12:15         The Family Analects: Interpreting Confucianism in Diasporic Chinese-Canadian Writing
Mimi Lin, University of Lethbridge


LUNCH 12:15-1:00


1:00-1:30             The Emergence of Ancient Israel
Corey Davis, University of Lethbridge

1:30-2:00             The Religion of the First Israelites
Matthew Pawlak, University of Lethbridge

5 minute Break  (Session 3A Continues in the Same Room)

2:05-2:35             The Human Nature of Angels
Kristian Edosomwan, Rice University, Houston, Texas

2:35-3:05             Self-Justification and Social Function of the Exodus Covenant
Matthew Pawlak, University of Lethbridge


Session 3B        BUDDHISM

1:00-1:30             The Smile of the Poor, Little, Young Prince, The Construction of the Early Mahayana Bodhisattva Image”
Cristina Atanasiu, University of Calgary

1:30-2:00             Blood Sacrifice and Spirit-Deity Worship in the “Healing Buddha Sutra”
Adeana McNicholl, University of Manitoba

5 Minute Break    (Session 3B Continues in the Same Room)

2:05-2:35             The Origins of the Ishiyama-Hongan-Ji War and their Significance on the History of Japanese Buddhism
Ryan Pickard, University of Lethbridge

2:35-3:05             Paradoxical Buddhism: Warfare in History and Modernist Trends
Meaghan Snethlage, University of Lethbridge


Session 3C        ISLAM

1:00-1:30             Thoughts on the Concept of Fana’ in Sufism
Hany Ibrahim, University of Lethbridge

1:30-2:00             The Inner and Outer Pilgrimage: Examining ‘The Conference of the Birds’
Julia Ramos-Strankman, University of Lethbridge

5 minute Break    (Session 3C Continues in the Same Room)

2:05-2:35             Hierophanies and the Impact on Sacred Space and Social Order of Pilgrimage Rituals in Islam
Hany Ibrahim, University of Lethbridge

2:35-3:05             Medieval and Contemporary Perspectives on Homosexuality in Islam
Hussain Daya, University of Lethbridge


Session 3D        FOUNDATIONS                                                      

1:00-1:30             Between Narrative and Teleology
Kyle Derkson, University of Manitoba

1:30-2:00             Toward an Ecology of Religion
Nikolas Miller, University of Lethbridge

5 Minute Break  (Session 3E will begin in the same room) 


2:05-2:35             Buddhism in Hollywood
Phelicia Hamilton, University of Lethbridge

2:35-3:05             Of Mascots and Messiahs: Simulacra as Guests of Honour in North American Marriage Rituals
Shea Manweiler, University of Regina


                                     Break: 10 Minutes


Session 4A        GODDESSES OF THE EAST                                  

3:15-3:45             The Transformative Nature of Mago in Response to the Socio-Political Frameworks of Korea
Gina Carroll, University of Calgary

3:45-4:15             Sita: Not a victim but a symbol of subtle resistance and feminine strength
Rutika Gandhi, University of Lethbridge


Session 4B        ANTISEMITISM                                         

3:15-3:45             On The Protocols of The Elders of Zion and Conspiracy Theories in General
Jason Schultchen, University of Lethbridge

3:45-4:15             Antisemitism in Argentina from the End of the Second World War to the Turn of the Century
Danielle Simmons, University of Lethbridge


Session 4C        ANCIENT NEAR EAST                               

3:15-3:45             Kemetic Magic: On the relationship between Society and Magic in Ancient Egypt
Zak Stinson, University of Lethbridge

3:45-4:15             Pessimism and Vanity: Wisdom Literature of the Ancient Near East
Jessica Swann, University of Alberta


BANQUET:  6:00 p.m. Markin Hall

Keynote Speaker: James Linville, University of Lethbridge

Is Religion a Thing? Does It Jiggle When You Poke It?




Session 6 A       ILLNESS AND HEALTH

8:45-9:15             In Sickness and In Health: The Meaning of Illness in the Lives of Saints
Heather Penner, University of Manitoba

9:15-9:45             Rituals, Feasts and Fasts: The Ritualization of Disordered Eating
Gina Carroll, University of Calgary

9:45-10:15           Organ Donation: Religious Perspectives on the Transplant Process
Stephanie Smolensky, University of Calgary


Session 6B        PROSE AND POETRY

8:45-9:15             Fractal Grimoire
Zak Stinson, University of Lethbridge

9:15-9:45             Mythological vs. Modern: Replacing the Gods
Julia Ramos-Strankman, University of Lethbridge

9:45-10:15           Liver: What the Jewish American Princess Will Not Cook and What Alex Portnoy Uses in an Obscene Manner
Michelle Elly-Anne Wagner, University of Regina


Session 6C        REPRESSION AND RESISTANCE              

8:45-9:15             Families Across Borders: State Conflict and Mormon Border Crossing in the Late Nineteenth Century
James Forbes, University of Lethbridge

9:15-9:45             Christian Responses to Slavery
Rebecca Deutsch, University of Lethbridge

9:45-10:15           Contesting Identities, Divine Lands and Talking Trees: Analyzing Yaqui resistance to the Porfiriato through spiritual healers
Brenda Garcia, University of Lethbridge


Session 6 D       BIBLICAL STUDIES 2

Mnemonic Structures of Bounded Space in 2 Maccabees
Neil Thomson, University of Alberta

Don’t Go Away from Jerusalem: The (Re)Placement of Jerusalem in Acts’ Geography
Miriam L. C. Fry, The University of Calgary

Imagining Ethiopia: a “Fabular” History about Demonic Representations in Antiquity
Ryan C. P. Fics, University of Manitoba


                            Break 15 minutes.


Session 7                  GOD IS DEAD! ISN’T HE?

10:00-11:00         Nietzsche’s Christianity
Daniel Fishley, University of Calgary

11:00-11:30         The Richard Dawkins Foundation Online: Inconsistency, Ideology, and Secular Activism
Stacie Swain, University of Alberta

11:30-12:00         An Atheist’s Quest to Outsource Religion
Scott Reesor, University of Lethbridge

12:00-12:15         Closing Comments


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