Idaho Famous Hitler

Found this at Its a teapot by artist Charles Krafft , based in Washington state. He’s  famous for his “disasterware” (and you thought that was produced by Microsoft!)

Charles Krafft

I’ve no idea what Krafft had against Idaho, but I can just see Charlie Chaplin’s Great Dictator goose stepping and singing “I’m a little teapot, short and stout” in a ridiculous pseudeo German accent while snacking on some Pommes Frites”!

Creationist Cats

Saw this youtube over at the Dead-logic blog and I thought I had to repost it!

Hooray for Cats!  I’ve talked about “vegetarian” cats in a Know Yer Nuts post a while ago, and I’ve made a few creationist lolcats in my day so I thought I would revisit them here, too!


Now, what would have happened to turn some lovely, friendly happy vegan tigers and hyenas into savage predators? You guessed it, Eve ate an apple!

Hoomins eated  my appul, Iz eet hoomin
moar funny pictures

Anyway, here is a photo I took at the Royal Tyrrell of such a little wee vegetarian kitty cat.

All Sorts 078

Some more of my R. T. M. pictures are posted here and here.

Anyway, all of this is quite inspiring. I’m switching this blog to a new host in the next little while, and when it is all up and running and the necessary plug ins are plugged in, I will make the official announcement of my next contest:

LOLCAT CREATIONISM CONTEST!  Stay tuned for the entry information and prize announcements in the next few days!

OK, I like SOME Christian music. Shemekia Copeland.

Last month  there was some blogonoise that I joined in on about the most hate-worthy hymns. I even twisted a few arms to get others to sing along.

So, here is something rather more listenable! It doesn’t quite redeem the whole damn church for all for its horrible music (and other stuff), but jeez, it does go a good bit of the way:

Beats the HELL out of the old hymns, don’t it?

Shemekia Copeland. Gotta love it!

Quote of the Day (and some giggles): Aliens and Politics

“Watching political platforms wishy-washy from election to election gives one little hope that extraterrestrials really are guiding Terran civilization.” (William Doty, Mythography: The Study of Myths and Rituals)

See Mike Draw: you will like Mike's drawing...

Textbook recommendations needed. A Faith Unfriendly Introduction to the Bible?

Well, not really “unfriendly”, just “unprivileged”.

I’m teaching a general intro to the Bible next semester, looking main at its main themes, genres, and what Christians and Jews have made of the various canons over the centuries. I’m looking for a distinctly non-sectarian introduction that does not presume much previous knowledge of the Bible, Judaism or Christianity. The one’s I’ve looked through often have a slant towards protestant preconceptions, but I need something that will fit right in with a secular program in world religions and pay some attention to Judaism along with the various flavors of Christianity. I also want the course to help non-religious studies students appreciate the impact of the Bible on western art, literature, etc. Less important are the various theories of origins, etc. I do a subsequent course on the Hebrew Bible and historical criticism using Collins.

I’ve taught the course once before with a variety of reading from diverse sources and the “Very Short Introduction” from Oxford and a book on the Bible in art, but I wasn’t happy with the end result.  Any suggestions?


I’m thinking of Kugler and Hartin from Eerdman’s, supplemented by references to works of art, etc. but I’ve just started my search.

The Way to Pray Away the Gay!

There’s a lot in the news and blogosphere about the “Pray Away the Gay” (bowel) movement. But the problem is, they’re all suggesting the wrong damn prayers. So I fixed that.

Stolen from

Our Father, who aren’t homo,
Masculine be thy pronouns, despite your being asexual.

They Spirit came
Into some dame
But not in the earthly way, because even hetero-sex is icky, except when we do it within lawful marriage, or outside of it, if we don’t get caught. You were, but you talked your way out if it like a total bitchin’ rockstar from Mars!

Give us this day our daily rant,
About forgiving gays
Only when they stop being the way you made them.
And deliver us from reality. Please, we’re dead serious about this last point.

For thine is the homophobic power of gay-bashing
Forever and ever, or at least until we really think about it.

Aman, and awoman, lawfully married.

Vote for my new cheery cat!

Saw this pic and I got inspired.

Have a nice day!

Ehud Ben Zvi Speaking at the University of Lethbridge

My friend and former professor, Ehud Ben Zvi of the University of Alberta will be speaking at the University of Lethbridge next week.

“Memory Studies and the Historical Study of
Ancient Israelite Prophetic

What did the reading of the prophetic books “do” to the target readership of the prophetic books? Why the prophetic books develop certain common features?  This paper explores ways in which memory-studies informed approaches may help us to formulate questions, heuristic frameworks and explanatory hypotheses about the social functions of the prophetic books in Jerusalem and the Persian province of Yehud.

The talk will be Monday, March 14, at 4:00 pm at U. Hall C-674.  Everyone is welcome and refreshments will be provided.

Ehud’s reputation as a leading scholar of the Hebrew Bible and Persian era Jerusalem’s scribal community and their productions needs no rehearsal. He is the author of numerous books and articles and is editor of the Journal of Hebrew Scriptures. Here is a cut and pasteed blurb from his website:

Ben Zvi has authored or co-authored eight volumes, such as Two Sides of a Coin: Juxtaposing Views on Interpreting the Book of the Twelve/the Twelve Prophetic Books (2009); History, Literature and Theology in the Book of Chronicles (2006); Hosea (2005); Signs of Jonah: Reading and Rereading in Ancient Yehud (2003); Micah (2000) and A Historical-Critical Study of The Book of Obadiah (1996). He has edited or co-edited about a dozen books (including The Concept of Exile in Ancient Israel and its Historical Contexts [2010, with Christoph Levin), The Production of Prophecy: Constructing Prophecy and Prophets in Yehud [2009; with D.V. Edelman], A Palimpsest: Rhetoric, Ideology, Stylistics and Language Relating to Persian Israel [2009, with D.V. Edelman and F. Polak] and Utopia and Dystopia in Prophetic Literature [2006]), and more are forthcoming. He has written numerous essays on the historical and prophetic books of the Hebrew Bible in which he explores the ways in which ancient Israelites construed their past and the significance of these images of the past for them.

It will be great to see him again (he can usually only be spoken too on the fly at SBL meetings, he is a pretty busy boy). It will also be great to have him visit my Hebrew Bible class on Monday too! I hope my students realize what an academic treat this is. You can visit his website’s list of teaching resources here.

Signs and Wonders of Church Fails

I saw this over at Godless Girl and I thought I would share it.

Then I found these, and thought I would get all trinitarian. First, here is proof that religion is based on anthropomorphism.

And then there is this:

Please, come to Sunny Hills Church but leave your ill rockets at home. They have to go elsewhere for their surgery.

Moronville’s Catholic School Obscenity.

The Globe and Mail reported on Friday on the efforts of a few families in Mornville (north of Edmonton a little way) to send their kids to a secualr public school as the ONLY schools in this town ov over 8000 are part of the “Catholic” school board. Alberta has an absolutely perverse educational organization with essentially 2 school system on the public purse across the province, the “Public” and the “Catholic” systems. Most town have both operating side by side, with distinct boards, administrators, schools, buses etc. In Morinville, however, amalgamation of public schools left all of the town in the hands of the “Catholic” board while the Public schools are in the rural areas surrounding the town. Here’s some excerpts from the article:

“It wasn’t until her seven-year-old son asked her if he’d burn in hell that Marjorie Kirsop became concerned.

A Catholic education is the only local option for the Kirsop family and everyone else in Morinville, Alta., a community of 8,100 northwest of Edmonton. It’s a unique situation, rooted in the town’s origins as an outpost of French-Canadian Catholicism in the late 1800s. But this fall, when five-year-old Sarah Kirsop declared she had converted to Catholicism, her mother joined a group of local families who are challenging the status quo.

Their campaign for religion-free public education has met resistance from the local public school board – the Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division – and drawn little more than a polite hearing from local politicians and Alberta’s Ministry of Education.

This really pisses me off. Governments’s own as much to secular families as they do the members of the Catholic church and all too-often criminal clergy. School board and Government resistance is simply the typical bend-over-and-take-it-like-sheep attitude too many people have of deferring to religion, and forms of Christianity in particular. It is the preservation of a never deserved and now hopelessly obsolete social status. That these people wouldn’t care that kids are coming home worried about burning in some hell shows just how numb they are to the scope of Christian privilege and how blind they are to people’s concerns.

The Alberta School Act allows children to be excused from religious or patriotic exercises or instruction. “But in a Catholic school, the entire curriculum is permeated with the Catholic theology, hence the problem,” said Frank Peters, an expert in school governance and a professor of education at the University of Alberta.

To wit: see my earlier post about the English “teacher” (I use the term loosely) in a Catholic school who spoke down here in Lethbridge at the teacher’s convention. He addresses “science” in his Religion classes and tries to reconcile evolution and Catholicism claiming that:

“The creationists will find all of the evidence that can point in their direction. The evolutionists find the evidence that points in their direction,” he said. “And so, in a sense, both are really practising bad science. Good science says, ‘Hey, let’s look at the data. What does the data tell us?’”

Even the nature of “science” must be brought into line with religion, even if it is done by an English teacher! Anyway, back to the Globe and Mail story.

Only Ontario, Saskatchewan and Alberta still have patchworks of public and separate, protestant and Catholic school divisions. Over the years, protestant divisions have become secular and many have amalgamated with like-minded neighbours. Mass amalgamations in 1995 in Alberta left Morinville being serviced by a single public Catholic board, while the region’s secular board, the Sturgeon School Division, was confined to areas around Morinville.

Even today, Sturgeon’s head offices are in an old school building in the heart of Morinville, but the district’s boundaries trace a doughnut around the town.

“It’s a pretty unusual set-up,” said Michele Vick, Sturgeon’s superintendent.

Her district is amenable to making arrangements for busing Morinville children to a non-denominational Sturgeon school. This is one of the options put forward by the Greater St. Albert Catholic Regional Division that Ms. Hunter’s parent coalition finds unacceptable.

Here’s a better idea: Dump all sectarian schools, combine all the resources into a single system, preserving the best of both, and let parents and churches pay to do the church’s work.

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