Where did Scott Bailey go?

His blog, Scotteriology, is closed for the next while but where did he go? Here is what he said:

I have a couple of projects that require my full attention over the next few months. One of them is government funded, and if I do not finish it on time they would like their money back… so, yeah… while this is fun, I need to focus on my paying jobs for a bit.

Now, however, the secret can be revealed! He does not have a job in the government sector but has a new business! Here is an advert for his merchandise!

Hey, I ordered one!  Or you could be like Craig Martin, who is ordering TWELVE, to realize his dream of looking positively divine! He posted this on Facebook the other day.

Yes, you too can be Cthulhu-Hefner! And d here he is at the start of the procedure illustrated above.

Stolen from raincoaster.com

Noah’s Ark Explained!

Enjoy the goodness at http://www.comicblasphemy.com/

New Contest! Lolcat Jim West! Win a Prize!

Several days ago Joel Watts over at Unsettled Christianity  unsettled the (self-proclaimed) Christian, Jim West, by publishing an interview with West in which in an unguarded moment, the Vernerable Beady-Eyed West admitted to being a big fan of cats. West hastened to issue a denial but we know what his protestations are worth.

And so I’m announcing the FIRST EVER Dr. Jim’s Thinking Shop’s CONTEST and Jim is the subject!

We welcome the new month next week and so once again West will be celebrating his victory as the TOP BIBLIOBLOGGER based on Alexa rankings. So, lets help him celebrate and show him we aren’t (too) bitter!

So here’s what you do:

Make a Jim West themed lolcat at Icanhascheezeburger.com and email me the link to the pic at ICHC if you have an account there or email me the picture itself  with your proper name or reasonable pseudonym and I will post them here at the Thinking Shop as they come in. In the first few days of March when when the new Alexa ranks are announced, I will have all the of the kittehs gathered together in a single post and everyone else can vote on the Westiest of them all!   And the winner of the vote will win a SECRET PRIZE, which I will be shopping for this coming week. Yes, it is real MATERIAL goodness!

Here are the Rules:

Zwingli is fair game.

All entries should be reasonably family friendly (especially to West’s family), although hopefully your family isn’t too depraved.

Poke some fun but don’t settle personal issues.

Jim West is ineligible to enter.

All entries should include a cat.

Email the link or the pics to happilyunchurched [at] gmail.com

Enter as many times as you like, but each entry must have a different picture.

You do not have to send the pictures to Jim West or to his church, but hey, who’s stopping you?

When voting time comes, you can’t vote for your own (we will go on the honour system here).

Now, I’ve made some lolwests in the past and they are ineligible, and indeed, I promise not to submit any under my own name or engage in any sock-puppetry. But just to inspire you all, here’s the ones’   I made earlier!







Oh yeah, and don’t forget to vote for your FAVOURITE Bible Blog! Send your list to bibliobloggerstop10 ( a ) yahoo.com.

A Volcano of Creationist Exthinktion or God’s Water Pistol

Just saw an “interesting” blog post the other day, written by R.L David Jolly at Creation Revolution, an “outreach” site of a Bible thumping creationist press called Tolle Legge. Now, before we begin, here is something about Creative Revolution:

CreationRevolution.com is creating a revolution in the way people view the world and live their lives. By disseminating the most recent news and research from organizations that promote Creation Science and Intelligent Design, we are incrementally overcoming the destructive results of the Darwinian / Evolutionary worldview (atheism, abortion, euthanasia, socialism, etc.).

As you can see, their scientific credentials are impeccable.


http://ptet.blogspot.com, great stuff!

Another Jolly scientist!

Anyway, Jolly, is (t)wittering on about an article he found on Red Orbit called The Smoking Gun Of The Worlds Largest Extinction (Jan. 24, 2011). Its opening paragraphs:

After a volcanic eruption that occurred around 250 million years ago, hundreds of millions of years before dinosaurs were wiped off the face of the planet, almost 95 percent of all primitive life living in the ocean and 70 percent of all animals evolving on land were wiped out.

Researchers at the University of Calgary in Alberta, Canada have discovered evidence suggesting that massive volcanic eruptions at the time burnt significant levels of coal, producing suffocating clouds of ash and dust that greatly impacted the world, and may explain the massive devastation that occurred with the Permian Extinction.

“This could literally be the smoking gun that explains the latest Permian extinction,” said Dr. Steve Grasby, adjunct professor in the University of Calgary’s Department of Geoscience and research scientist at Natural Resources Canada.

The volcanos covered a huge area in what is now Siberia and when magma rose up through the earth and his layers of coal, all hell broke loose (at least on a geological time frame).

“Our research is the first to show direct evidence that massive volcanic eruptions — the largest the world has ever witnessed –caused massive coal combustion, thus supporting models for significant generation of greenhouse gases at this time,” said Grasby.

Now, all of this is really cool, despite volcanos being really hot.  Of course, Jolly wants to have his creationist cake and eat with the scientists too, so here is how he thinks does it:


A Volcano Cake!

So, Jolly writes:

As I read through the article, I couldn’t help but see this as great evidence for the early stages of the Genesis Flood.  Although there are a variety of creationist flood models, most of them agree that before the Flood there was most likely one supercontinent.  Most of the creation models also agree that part of the fountains of the deep bursting forth involved a great deal of tectonic breaking up of that supercontinent resulting in massive volcanic activity.  However, unlike Dr. Grasby’s scenario, the forty days of rain would have continued to wash much of the ash and greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and into the flood waters below.

When the Red Orbit news writers wrote this article and used the title The ‘Smoking Gun’ Of World’s Largest Extinction, I don’t think they had any idea of how accurate they were.  The world’s largest extinction wasn’t the Permian extinction as they believe, but the extinction caused the Genesis Flood.

A religious Icon showing Yahweh flooding the earth in Noah's day.


Ok, but where are Grassley and co. talking about “fountains of the deep”? They are talking about magma, ash, toxic gases, and the like. The Genesis flood myth says NOTHING about these things or about tectonic splitting etc. And how the hell could all of this happened in the matter of a few thousand years to get to the world we have now?

Jolly you heretic! You are turning God’s Ultra Super Soaker Water Gun in a Magma Cannon. Stick with the script(ure) you claim is inerrant and leave reality to others.

How God ensured that people would repopulate the Earth after the flood.

Ok, so God has a smoking gun taking vengeance on evil doers. Here is a modernized Catholic version.



And a friend who sometimes frequents this blog, sent me a poem in celebration.

Happy Birthday to Chuck.
Creationists suck.
We hope they’ll see reason,
and a big Croco-duck.

Quote of the Semester

Well, actually of a semester a few years ago, but I only ran across it thanks to John V. who sent the link.

A. C. Grayling, (Gaurdian, Nov. 10, 2009)

Aristotle said: “We educate ourselves so that we can make a noble use of our leisure.” The idea that education is for the mind and soul, for the whole person – the citizen, the parent, the voter, the reader, the lover, the traveller, the human being in the round – is lost to view in trying to make university education a mere continuation of school for the same sausage-machine purpose of churning out employees.

I find I agreed with virtually everything Grayling said in the article, including how students should be expected to be more independent in their work.

Need help with assignment of university? We got the big amount of cheating skills!

Photo taken by my friends John and Lisa at the Student Union Building at the University of Lethbridge Campus.

Its a bit out of focus, sorry about that.

The semester is on full flow and probably you are taking overhead pressure of assignments. It’s hard for you to complete the assignments as well as work for the tuitions and livings.

We have come up to your support. Our motto is to complete your assignments which you find difficult within your reach for a small amount of fees.

Be a part of the reputed world’s first assignment completion website. We’ve stepped to Lethbridge.

Woot! If this is a sample of the quality of their work, I can fail the students for their English even if I don’t catch them cheating  (and fail them for that!). The “reputed world’s” first such service! I wonder if the REAL world has anything comparable?

Their website seems to have changed a bit over the course of a few hours, but here is what I pulled from it as of 2:48 Friday, Feb. 11 (Mountain Time).

Welcome to the worlds  first assignment completion website. This venture is constructed focussing the university and college students. Very often these young minds have to take the overhead pressure of assignments. Its hard for these young friends to complete the assignments as well has to work for their livings. They don’t find any helping hand for this support.

We have come up with this support. We have the motto to help our young friends regarding any assignment which he/she feels difficult within our reach and as well complete his/her graduation successfully.

Let me suggest a new motto:

Assignmentsdue.com, where you get what you deserve…

Why is Jim West such a curmudgeon?

Could it be that he is simply misunderstood?

Inquiring minds  would rather NOT know!

Hot Air about the Ice Age: More Silly Climate Denial

A couple of days ago I posted on some silly anti-climate change comment in the Lethbridge Herald.

Today the debate which had been running in the readers’ letters page for the past little while and to which my friend Dan added a “Public Professor” column last Saturday, continued.

First, a rather sensible Stephen McGlenn went after Big Oil and defended the IPCC’s integrity from attacks by two previous letter writers. An excerpt:

The disappointingly inadequate and unsupported arguments they proclaim seem to be more informed by an anti-intellectual bias and ingrained distrust of climate scientists. Where does that stem from, may I ask? How do they explain the support of the IPCC from institutions like NASA, the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, the Canadian Geophysical Union, the Canadian Association of Physicists, the Canadian Society of Soil Science, the Canadian Society of Zoologists; need I go on? Please don’t disappoint me with wild and worn-out conspiracy theories of research funding schemes and world government grabs for power. Need I remind them the IPCC is a voluntary organization with only 10 paid staff persons?

But on the same page, this bit of pure GENIUS! (printed in its entirety)

Even if CO2 can be linked to climate change as Mr. Sandilands wants us to believe (Letter to the Editor, Herald, Feb. 2), worldwide temperature records don’t go back to the last ice age. Many scientists actually believe that the Earth was warmer then than now.
OK, let’s assume the connection is proven. How many people lived on the Earth 300 years ago? Maybe one or two billion? Now there are three to four times that many. Human beings breathe out CO2. That alone already quadruples the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Who wants to stop breathing to offset what Mr. Sandilands breathes out every day?
David G.


Who the FUCK is suggesting that people stop breathing? Who says the only CO2 in the atmosphere is from humans exhaling?

Dave, this is for you:

Jeez, for the sake of the children, do some READING before you write. Try this:

Unknown Knowns: Far Left Side of the Maple Leafs

Far Left Side: GRRRRREAT!


And I like waffles, too!

Now, when will Toronto win the Stanley Cup? God knows.

Or maybe not.

Maybe that’s an unknown unknown?