Spring is here! Yes, its mating season!

And here is someone with, well, “standards” (is this Roland Boer?). This shirt is actually all the rage for student members of the SBL who will be holding a special symposium on “The significant Other. How to get one” in Atlanta this year.

Shamelessly stolen from Poorly Dressed.

NEW POLL! Why the bear suit?

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I am offended by this video. It can just priest off.

Sent to me by some God Mocker.

I refuse to be entertained by such “comedy” or to distribute it any further. Just watch it and you will see what I mean. Totally repellant. It really bugs me.

Jesus is a Jam-Tart!

John V. sent me this, saying I had to post it. I agree!

Its from the Far Left Side, the best web comic ever!

But should that not be a penitent butter and Jesus jelly sandwich?

Now, what else can I put here so I’m not just ripping off a FLS cartoon? Hmmm. I know, some music!

Here is Jelly Roll Morton and the Jelly Roll Blues!


Couldn’t resist.  I can’t stand the goof-ball and his right wing, bad acting and those stupid Chuck is God jokes and shit.

EVERYBODY is tagged.

Why Religious Studies is Important, ESPECIALLY for Business Students

In the big debate between humanities and “practical” university subjects like business or management and whole “Getting a Real Job” spiel, the humanities often looses out. But here is why even management and business students NEED Religious Studies, the pinnacle (pit?) of the humanities.

Will Resurrect to Suit Tenant

In these troubled times, leasing a god may be a better strategy than buying one outright.

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Biathalon for REAL Athletes.

Sent by my brother…

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Putting the Heat on Global Warming Denial


The Crusade to Deny Global Warming



Thursday, February 4

P.E. 250, First Choice Saving Center,  7:00-9:00 p.m.

University of Lethbridge Campus

Everyone welcome, refreshments provided.

Blurb shamelessly lifted in its entirety from SACPA Southern Alberta Council for Public Affairs.

Scientists are often so focussed on measuring the evidence required to determine how things work that they either forget or do not have time for the needs of public education, and the directions the nation will take in applying the knowledge gained by science. James Hoggan and Richard Littlemore have recently produced a book entitled “Climate Cover-Up”, in which they examine the powerful public relations forces brought to bear against mainstream climate science, physics and chemistry, in order to blunt the message that we need to take steps to avoid future harm.

As a PR professional himself, Hoggan felt a strong need to keep the work of PR honest, and he recognized the methods that were used in the attacks on the science findings. He says “it is infuriating, as a public relations professional, to watch my colleagues use their skills, their training and their considerable intellect to poison the international debate on climate change.” Some of the arguments of the self-appointed skeptics are lacking in both common sense and modern science, but other tactics and campaigns are skillfully designed to appear to show debate among informed physical scientists regarding whether there is an effect caused by atmospheric change at all.

Hoggan and Littlemore track the funds and describe the motives behind the campaigns, noting that “few PR offences have been so obvious, so successful and so despicable as the attack on the scientific certainty of climate change.” They call the unprecedented PR attack “a triumph of disinformation – one of the boldest and most extensive PR campaigns in history”.

Speaker: Richard Littlemore

Richard has spent 20 years in daily newspapers (the Ottawa Citizen, the Winnipeg Tribune and the Vancouver Sun), before turning his hand in 1995 to freelance journalism and public affairs. He wrote the David Suzuki Foundation’s first public information package on climate change in 1996 was vice-chair of the Greater Vancouver Regional District’s Air Quality Committee in 1996 and 1997 and sat as a delegate to the Canadian government’s (failed) Kyoto Implementation Process from 1997 to 1999.

In addition to his DeSmog endeavors, Richard is a regular speech writer for many business and academic leaders and is a senior counselor and the lead writer at James Hoggan and Associates.
Most importantly, he is a parent to three teenage boys who, like all children of their generation, deserve to inherit a world uncompromised by climate change.

Moderator: Dan Johnson

What disaster will God send to punish T.V. Land for Pat Robertson?

All over the news of course is the terrible earthquake in Haiti that killed some 100,000 people. And so is Pat Robertson who thinks that the Haitians had it coming because they made a pact with the devil to expel the French in late 18th century.

Pat Robertson

On his totally nutbar TV show “700 club” Robertson had this to say:

Cut and paste from the CNN story linked above:

The Haitians “were under the heel of the French. You know, Napoleon III and whatever,” Robertson said on his broadcast Wednesday. “And they got together and swore a pact to the devil. They said, ‘We will serve you if you will get us free from the French.’ True story. And so, the devil said, ‘OK, it’s a deal.’ “

Native Haitians defeated French colonists in 1804 and declared independence.

“You know, the Haitians revolted and got themselves free. But ever since, they have been cursed by one thing after the other.”

This is surely a vile thing to say. Robertson is apparently picking up on an old tradition that Haitian spiritualists once made sacrifices to ensure success in their bid from independence from France. From a Time.com article:

The theory that Haiti is a nation built on a pact with the devil has circulated on a number of websites, each tracing back to an apocryphal tale of Haitian voodoo priests sacrificing a pig and drinking its blood in 1791 in order to secure Satan’s aid in expelling the French occupation. In return, the priests are said to have promised Haiti to Satan for the next 200 years. The French were soon beat back, and in 1804, Haiti became an independent nation. But even if you believe the story (something many historians doubt), Satan’s lease on the tiny island nation should have expired in 1991.

Read more: http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1953504,00.html?xid=rss-topstories#ixzz0cZ286frJ

Now, what really offends me is not that Robertson is seeing everything, even the death of maybe 100,000 people and all the associated heartbreak and suffering through the bullshit stained glasses of a smug-ass self-righteous apocalyptic world-view in which everything happens happens to prove him right. I’m used to that. What REALLY pisses me off is the idea of corporate guilt that Robertson holds. So the hell what if a bunch of Voodoo priest sacrificed a pig or a half dozen hamsters? Who in their right mind would hold a whole nation to account for what a few people have done 2oo years ago? Should the children be punished for the sins of their fathers? Will the God of righteousness not do what is right?

The conception of corporate guilt is, not exclusively religious although it is splattered all over the Bible. Flood the whole freaking world, burn it all, kill everyone who doesn’t believe or was born into the wrong tribe. It is also a strategy for war-mongers of all persuasions and for people just trying to “fight for peace”. “Corporate culpability” has marked Jews as Christ-killers, cheats and demons. Want to win the War on Terror? Ignore “collateral damage”, hell, they deserved it. To save a village sometimes you have destroy it. To root out Nazism from Europe you must carpet-bomb whole cities.

The bizarre dualism of some forms of modern Christianity is a blight on the world. It breaks the world into two camps The “Saved” and the “Miserable Jerks who Deserve Whatever Crap Happens to Them”. It is the abandonment of the world and obligations to it other than doing the world the favour of advertising one’s own narcissistic holier than thou ideology as something they can have for their very own. This, of course, is despite the fact that P. R. is getting very rich in worldly treasures for peddling this crap) for an illusory “higher purpose” that does nothing alleviate suffering but to help people ignore it, or, worse, enjoy it when it happens to others.

Now, what REALLY REALLY offends me is that so much of the media takes Robertson seriously as a “Christian leader”. He is a nut, and a damn dangerous one. The rise of instant global communication should make people feel more connected, more able to tell their stories and be heard as real human beings and to see others as such. Robertson’s media “empire” reduces the world to the scene of a perverse apocalyptic and sadistic masturbation in which Pat and Co. will soon have their big eschatological climax if they just focus on how God is stroking their fantasies about the violence and the seductive “dark side” (with apologies to G. Lucas).

By merely mentioning that Robertson is “controversial” and not a total fucking wack-job, the mainstream media lets him get away with it. And that’s a pity.


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