Factors you should not Neglect when Choosing a College

As parents and students sift through the various college choices, they use various information and factors to choose a college which seems right for their goals and needs. Unfortunately, the public relations department gives most of this information. There are however some additional factors that you should not neglect when choosing a college.


This is also another factor that you need to consider when choosing a college. Get to know the percentage of students that graduate in four years, and if the college seniors find the courses they want readily available, so they can graduate in four years.graduation

Job search preparation

You need to know if the college offers and explains what the students will do to make them more attractive to potential employers. The books, coaching, employer tours, meetings with alumni, websites, experiences, interviewing and resume preparation skills help the student get prepared for the job market. Such activities that lead to employment success should be part of the college curriculum in every academic year.

Employment opportunities

Check that the college does things that can increase the students’ chances of getting employment during the final year of study. The college you choose should be able to invite employers interested in students with a given major to conduct interviews. They need to suggest the employment websites that post job vacancies for students with each major. The college also needs to use the entire community both on and off campus like college employees and parents to identify employment opportunities for students in every major.


Being a student-friendly college involves several factors which both parents and students need to consider before choosing a college. One of the factors is school website. A college needs to have a detailed, comprehensive and easy to navigate websites that require little effort to get the helpful information like titles, names, location and description of services. The other factor entails the faculty, staff, and administrators. Ensure these make themselves available, friendly and helpful. Get to know what the current students say about the college.

College leaders

Before choosing a college, you also need to know if the college leaders are always available to the students and if they demonstrate understanding as well as concern for issues that affect the students. Do they come for campus events, listen to student complaints and try to find a solution to their issues?


college facilitiesEnsure the college you choose has a classroom, cafeteria, library, dorms, and bookstore to the standards you expect. Consider the size of the room, air conditioning in the dorms, location, distance from classrooms, restrooms and shower cleanliness before you make a choice.…